Wish you were here…

Vintage postcards are often as much about the messages as they are the image on the front. Enjoy a glimpse into the ordinary and occasionally extraordinary lives of people from the past.

Exploring Old Messages on Postcards

Hastings Storm. Vintage Postcard

Dear Ada, This picture almost represents the weather we are now having, it is so rough, the sea is grand. Love from Alice

August 1905

Upper Lake, Killarney. Ireland. Vintage Postcard Back

I hope G & her chappie enjoyed the S.H. as much as I did. I was told they make good use of it.

to Miss Brainsby, Leicester

London - Waterloo Bridge - Back - Vintage Postcard

Saw Mr R & his wife out today. She smiled sweetly poor thing.

Lorna to Miss Chilvers of Bungay , June 1949

Ludgate Circus Back

Dear, I am going to Mrs Blunderfields on Friday.

Hannah of Lowestoft to Miss E Rowe of Swanton Moreley. 1907

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