Postcard Frames

Ready-Framed Postcards & Frame Options

Take a look at our postcard framing options. Choose a loose postcard from the collection and then select a frame option and we’ll mount it up or choose our ready-framed collection.


Ready Framed Postcards

Our selection of ready framed postcards make the perfect gift for your loved-one, or even for yourself.

Filter by “Framed” in the tag cloud and make your choice.

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Choose a Card & Frame

Found a card in my collection that you would like framed? Whether you want to focus all attention on the artwork or wish to show off both sides of your card as a piece of history, we have the frame for you.
Simply follow the steps below to have your chosen vintage postcard framed.

  1. Browse My Cards by location, era or theme and add your chosen postcard to the basket
  2. View your basket by clicking on the trolley icon
  3. Below your items, you will see a choice of frames and mounts, simply add the one(s) you want to the basket
  4. When you checkout, you can give further instructions in Order Notes if required e.g. for multiple orders with different frames.

Double Sided Glass Frame

Glass Hanging Frame

This beautifully, delicate, glass hanging frame gives you the chance to display either the message or the picture side of your postcard – fancy a change, then just turn it over.

Frame dimensions: 16 x 14cm, with hanging chain.

Simply add “Glass Hanging Frame” to your basket at checkout.

A moment in time framed from £11*

Grey Frame

Contemporary Grey Frame

Or opt for our contemporary grey frame to show off your miniature piece of artwork.

This classic 5x 7″ frame, goes in most rooms and comes with a mount and hanging or freestanding options.

Add “Simple Grey Frame” to your basket at checkout.

Beautifully presented from £8*