The Perfect Vintage Gift

Lovingly Mounted and Framed Vintage Postcards.

Looking for a vintage gift idea? With their beautiful art, unique place in history and interesting messages, postcards make the perfect gift for a special someone or occasion


It can be tricky looking for presents for friends and family members. If you are trying to find a unique gift idea for your loved ones – one to be treasured or bring back fond memories – then perhaps a framed vintage postcard is exactly the thing! Whether a perfect present for Uncle Pete or a great gift for Grandma, there are plenty to choose from.

What makes vintage postcards the ideal gift?

Unique character and story

Old postcards have an individuality that makes them special. Each one has been on its own journey through time; carefully selected from a postcard stand on a windswept pier or sun-baked promenade, maybe a hundred years ago. Many are lovingly written on with messages of love, humour or practicality, before being stamped, posted and and then kept safely through the years.

Their unique character lies not only in the nostalgic scenes but also in their creases, postmarks and penmanship.

Your favourite locations around the UK

You can choose a card from any of hundreds of favourite locations making a gift that reminds the recipient of special times at special places. Browse cards of popular seaside resorts such as Brighton, Blackpool and Torquay or take a look through my City destinations including London and Cambridge.

Gifts for all your family and friends

If you find a good gift idea, I say “roll with it”. For each family member or friend we all have memories of good times together. These are a perfect starting point for choosing a postcard that will be meaningful for them. Here are some examples:

  • Gifts for a Husband, Wife or partner – the place of a romantic proposal or memorable date
  • Presents for your friends – the venue of a night out to remember or the place you met
  • Something for your siblings or cousins – your favourite beach for sandcastle building or holiday camp you visited

A gift for any occasion

The range of cards I have on offer mean there is something for almost any occasion. Vintage postcards make ideal Birthday, Christmas or Wedding gifts, to name but a few important events. Or why save it for one of those occasions? Sometimes it’s good just to surprise someone, out of the blue, just to let them know you are thinking of them. What better way than to send them a gift that feels personal and unique.

A little piece of history

Maybe you know someone who is a keen local history buff, who often wonders what used to be here or there, or who speaks fondly of buildings “gone-by”. Finding scenes of their home or birth town, would be a real hit. Choose a frame and you have a present they will treasure.

Nostalgic vibes

Or perhaps your loved-one is crazy for a certain era. Whether the roaring 20s or swinging sixties is what gets them excited, you can find a postcard that perfectly portrays the age. You can search my collection in the shop by selecting your decade of choice. Alternatively try clicking on the search icon (top right) and typing into the header bar.

Something Arty

Alternatively you might be looking for something that presents more as a miniature work of art. Search for Tucks Postcards for some great examples. Many of these are based on pieces of art by popular landscape artists of the time. When these are mounted and framed they look more like prints. Suddenly all the details seem to stand out more, you take pause to really look at them.

What postcard framing options are available?

Ready-framed Postcard Gifts

To make things really easy, I have hand-selected some personal favourites and mounted and framed them. Some in contemporary grey or black frames and some in more informal double-sided hanging frames. The contemporary frames look great in most rooms and really make the most of the picture side of the card. The double-sided frames are great when you want to still be able to see the message side of the card. They also really show off the age of the card and the journey it has been on.

For these ready-framed postcards simply add to your basket and checkout.

Choose a Mount and/or frame

If you can’t find a ready-framed card, have a look at my collection of loose postcards. Search my collection by location, decade or by keyword (using the search bar). Once you’ve found a card, you can then choose a mount and/or frame to make it into the perfectly presented gift.

Vintage Postcards from around Brittain

or browse popular postcard locations…