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Vintage Postcard Guides & Resources

If you’re potty about vintage postcards there is so much information available. Here I’ve compiled a list of useful resources all about old postcards and added some of my own content for good measure.

From history and postmarks to international cards, stamps and more, this is your indispensable guide.


history of postcards timeline

A Visual History of Postcards

Explore the history of the humble postcard. From the earliest cards of the late 19th century through the 1920s and the heyday up to the 1960s and contempory cards. more

 27 NOV 2019 | GRAPHIC

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Collectable Postcard Printers

Tucks, Friths & J Valentine. Just a few of printers we explore in this guide to famous and collectable postcard printers. more

 13 MAR 2020 | GUIDE

vintage postcards from the USA, Australia and Europe

Interesting Postcards from Around the World

Interested in Postcards from outside Britain? Take a look at some of the quirkier postcards from differnt countries around the world. From the US to Europe to Australia and beyond. more


Other Resources:

  • Postcard Dating & Valuing
  • Stamps & Postmarks
  • Postcard Glossary
  • Postcard Collectors Groups & Events

Postcard Groups

Like to talk about postcards? Got some questions for the experts? Here are some groups that might help:

Dating & Valuing Postcards

Got a postcard and aren’t sure how to find out when it was printed or how much it’s worth? Try these websites which will try to help you work it out.

Postcard Events

For collectors and those who love everything about postcards here are some events to look out for:

Stamps and Postmarks

Sometimes a passion for postcards piques an interest in stamps. Sometimes the stamp can tell as much of a story as the postcard itself. Find out more from these resources: