About Me & My Shop

From A Deckchair brings you a selection of my postcards available to buy for yourself or as a gift. These postcards make the perfect prompt to memories of special times or as gifts for history lovers keen to understand the background of their favourite places.

Why I love old postcards

I started collecting postcards when I was small, going to flea markets with my Mum & Dad, sifting slowly through old ice cream tubs or shoe boxes of dusty cards from days gone by. I love not only the faded images of jolly seaside-scapes but also the neatly penned or hastily scribbled messages. From expressions of love and sentiment to brisk, to-the-point arrangements, each one captures a unique moment from the past.

The cards I like most are those from the early part of the twentieth century. Many have been written on, stamped and posted then kept and occasionally thumbed through – some for over 100 years!

Their age gives them unique character. The creases, indentations from writing and corner damage all speak of the journey they have been on through time.

I hope you find something on my website that brightens you or your loved one’s day.

From My Deckchair

Of places I could choose to be, sat in a deckchair by the sea would definitely be in my top three. And maybe I would be sat there writing a postcard of my own.