Vintage Christmas Gifts

Why vintage postcards make the perfect Christmas gift

We all want to choose unique Christmas gifts to surprise and delight the people we love, and it can be hard thinking of new but special gift ideas year-on-year. For something a little different this Christmas, why not choose from my range of vintage postcards.

What makes Old Postcards gifts special?

Old postcards have an individuality that makes them special. Each one has been on its own journey through time; carefully selected from a postcard stand maybe a hundred years ago to be lovingly written on and posted and then kept safely through the years. Their unique character lies not only in the nostalgic scenes but also in their creases, postmarks and penmanship.

You can choose a card from any of hundreds of favourite locations. Perhaps a postcard of…

  • the place of a romantic proposal as a gift for your husband or wife
  • the venue from a fun night-out on the town for your best friend’s present
  • your favourite beach for childhood sandcastle building presented to your brother or sister

Maybe the person you are buying for has a passion for a particular era, perhaps they rave about the roaring twenties or are mad for mid-century vibrance. Browse my vintage postcards by decade to find the perfect choice.

Vintage Christmas Postcard
Have a Vintage Christmas

If you are buying for a collector of Vintage Postcards, have a look at my Tuck’s Postcards. The Oilette series are based on original paintings and are a popular choice. When mounted and framed, they look like miniature works of art.

Postcards for the Collector

To make your postcard into a gift to be displayed with pride, you can select a mount and/or frame to suit your card. Vintage postcards are often smaller than standard mounts allow for. My mounts are custom made for them to fit in most 5”x7” frames. If your taste is a little quirky you can choose a double-sided glass frame. These give the opportunity to show off both sides of the postcard and work really well if the message is particularly entertaining or sentimental.

Get your vintage favourite framed

Whichever you opt for, you can be sure to bring a smile to your loved one. Taking them on a nostalgic trip through treasured memories.

To find out about Vintage Christmas Cards, take a look at this article from the Victoria & Albert Museum, which includes some beautiful Victorian examples.

Vintage Postcards from around Brittain

or browse popular postcard locations…

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