LambetLambeth Bridge & Houses of Parliament, London - Vintage Postcardh Bridge & Houses of Parliament, London - Vintage Postcard

On This Day in Postcards: 9th July

Crossing the Bridge at Lambeth

Lambeth Bridge & Houses of Parliament

This vintage 1950s postcard captures a famous view across the Thames at London. Looking towards the Houses of Parliament, the blueish hues and flags help to convey their formality.

The contrasting red, double-decker buses, journeying across the bridge, bring a touch of life to the scene, as we imagine the sightseers and workers on board.

Lambeth Bridge & Houses of Parliament, London - Vintage Postcard
Valentine’s “Valesque” Postcard. Date-stamped 9 July 1953.

Below I’ve included a similar image from recent times, although it’s difficult to compare the views with any precision due to the lower elevation and bigger trees! Still it appears not much has changed during the 65 years that passed between these images. This iconic scene remains unblighted.

Similar view from Google Maps from October 2018

Lambeth Bridge and Houses of Parliament, London. In the foreground of picture is the new Lambeth Bridge, beyond are the venerable Westminster Abbey and the imposing buildings of the Houses of Parliament.

Description on reverse of card.

Also #onthisday in 1953

  • 1st helicopter passenger service (NYC)
  • I Believe by Frankie Laine was the No.1 single in the UK
  • Peter Pan was the top box office film of 1953
  • Chinese Year of the Snake

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