On This Day in Postcards: 30th June

Green Hills Forever at Combe Martin

Lester Point & Hangman Hills

This breathtaking view of the hills and coast around Combe Martin was sent from a holiday-maker back in 1953.

Lester Point & Hangman Hills, Combe Martin Vintage Postcard
Original postcard of Combe Martin in North Devon.

Often the back of the postcard provides as much interest as the image. I rather like this quite familiar message sent to a formally entitled Mr & Mrs Cawley in Staines.


Spending the day here. Have sent you a little taster of cream, hope it arrives OK. Very lucky with the digs at Woolacombe, hope this weather holds! Have even been in the sea and enjoyed it! Love to all.

I can’t help wondering what receptacle the cream was sent in and whether it did arrive ok!

Lester Point & Hangman Hills, Combe Martin Vintage Postcard Back
King George VI stamps with “Long live the Queen” slogan

On this particular card, there is also an interesting juxtaposition of stamps from King George VI’s reign, post-stamped with a “Long live the Queen” slogan.

Also #onthisday in 1953

  • 1st Chevrolet Corvette manufactured.
  • Year of the Snake
  • First roll-on/roll-off ferry crossing of the English Channel, Dover–Boulogne

Sources: Wikipedia, Onthisday

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