Tuck’s “Oilette” Postcards

Mini pieces of collectable art work

What is it about Tuck’s Postcards and the “oilette” series in particular, that makes them so collectable?

Individually, they are quite literally a miniature piece of art, created by popular artists from the time. Characters in period dress going about their everyday business, animals and birds, the weather – these small additions of interest give familiar scenes added warmth and personality.

Launched in 1903, the “oilette” postcards are organised into series, urging you to complete the set. An early way of creating brand loyalty and return custom, in a time when collecting postcards was all the rage.

The way they are presented – their “branding” – adds to their charm and appeal with the trademark easel or series name on the front. The royal crest creates an air of prestige and the short descriptive extract makes sure you know exactly what you are looking at.

They are simply put – a small thing of beauty.

Search my collection for vintage postcards of Britain published by Raphael Tuck and Sons.

Find out more about your Tuck’s Postcards using Tuck’s own searchable collection at TuckDB Postcards.

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